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Darlene Morris. Artist, Crafter, Creator.

My love of art began in high school, but I didn't dive in until the '80's, when I was fortunate enough to find an excellent teacher. Trained in fine arts and oil painting, I did many master studies which taught me how complex making good art can be, and an immense respect for those who are gifted at creating it. But as all good artists do, I have evolved and continue to push myself trying new techniques and mediums.

However, I believe art is not just about good technique, if it doesn't speak to you, pull you in, and make you feel something...move on. It can be a masterpiece and you just don't connect, it can be a simple brushstroke and it stirs your heart. To me, much more than brilliant brush strokes or composition, art is what it evokes from you, what you feel when you view it. If it makes you feel, if it makes you remember fondly, if it makes you smile, then you are hearing the language of art!

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